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March 2015 Dade City,

Love the longer distance and the challenging obstacles. Volunteers were involved at each obstacle and staff was great. Good work!

September 2014 Dallas,

This race was fantastic! Was very well organized and the volunteers went out of their way to be helpful and friendly. Would highly recommend.

Tim Hinton Tim Hinton
September 2014 Dallas,

Awesome race,

Jeff Jones Jeff Jones
April 2014 Dallas,

Fantastic race. From parking to the finish line this race was top notch. The volunteers where top notch, the water jump had no less than 6 lifeguards in and around the water (yes they where in the water the whole time not waiting on the sides!) This was probably the muddiest coarse I had ever run. Think we did the 6 mile course while sliding sideways most of the time. Definitely a race that sets the bar for the other races in terms of customer satisfaction.

Can't wait to run this one again! Got to work on more upper body though, seemed to be a lot of focus on that!!!

Jeremy Wenninghoff Jeremy Wenninghoff
October 2013 Dade City,

Great event as usual. No delays for me at any point from parking all the way through the showers. I did better this time, but Sawtooth and Colossus still got the best of me. The added distance increased the challenge, but the obstacles seemed to be pretty evenly distributed to keep it broken up. That last stretch of obstacles heading into Sawtooth definitely made it more challenging. Didn't get to hang out too long after the run, but seemed like a good mix of vendors this time. I don't think you can go wrong with Savage Race.

October 2013 Dade City,

Great race, had a real good time. Loved going backwards on the course and the added ten or so obstacle since the April event.
The photos and videos are on
The NCAA was out there filming to for their 40th Anniversary special. More to come with that!
Love the fact the first event is the Shriveled Richard!

Roger Smith Roger Smith
October 2013 Dade City,

Fantastic race! It is one of the best in Florida. Great obstacles, great organization, great spirit. I love running the 7 mile distance. I am amazed at the size of the crowds every year.

Also I came in #120 overall and 8th in my age group (it pays to be older).

Vivian Johnson Vivian Johnson
April 2013 Florida

This is the event that started it all with my family. My brother- my inspiration. 6+ miles, good spacing, ice, shock, climbs, walls, hurdles, ropes - what else can you ask for? This race taps into your fears for challenges. Fear of freezing, heights and electrocution. Had a great time, def will do again and again.

Jeremy Wenninghoff Jeremy Wenninghoff
April 2013 Florida

Going to start with one very minor complaint for an excellent event. No swag. Nothing in the packet. Did the event last March and got the free sticker which is still proudly on my car. Events get more expensive and they do away with the freebies. Like I said minor. Excellent event. Great location, terrain. Challenging length and obstacles. Well made obstacles built to accommodate the crowd. Only one wait in the entire course at Colossus. Lots of water stops and even toilets on the course. Best event I've done.

Sam Abbitt Sam Abbitt
April 2013 Florida

In response to Jeremy W's comments below: Thanks for the great review! I'm not sure how you missed the schwag, but we actually did give away decals this year in addition to an event T-shirt, souvenir maps, and a free beer. In fact, we had a big banner advertising the free stuff. If you didn't get your sticker, send us an e-mail to or swing by our office and we will hook it up! -Sam Savage Race HQ

Frederick Mansfield Frederick Mansfield
April 2013 Florida

Great race. Second time doing it. I liked this year's layout better than last year. Put MORE ice in the ice bath...dare I ask. I liked that the wall was higher this year. Can you make it even higher? The new obstacles were definitely great additions to the race. You have a very good problem...your race is becoming very very popular so we bottleneck at some of the obstacles. I cannot wait for the next race!

Allan Ajoy Allan Ajoy
April 2013 Florida

The best race in Florida! *organized *bad ass obstacles *greta energy! ***a bigger medal would be nice!

Allan Ajoy Allan Ajoy
April 2013 Florida

The best race in Florida! *organized *bad ass obstacles *greta energy! ***a bigger medal would be nice!

Olivia Clark Olivia Clark
April 2013 Florida

Very well organized! A few obstacles should be doubled to avoid the lines. But overall, everything was awesome! Beware the intensity of the ice bath (shriveled richard)! Everyone was so nice and helpful on the hard obstacles. Had a blast! Will be doing it again in October!

Regina Corbin Panek Regina Corbin Panek
April 2013 Florida

This was mine and my husbands first obstacle mud run. I must say, it was extremely tough for me. I avoided several of the obstacles. Everyone was very supportive and helpful. I had total strangers cheering for me. That was awesome. My husband completed every obstacle except for the nut smasher, he fell off half way. He made it all the way across the sawtooth bars! We had an awesome time and can now check it off our bucket list.

Kathryn Mendoza Kathryn Mendoza
April 2013 Florida

The race was great...I had an incredible time. I ran in the 10 AM wave and came in 3rd in my AG (I completed all obstacles but had to wait a few times at obstacles for previous wave racers). I could go on & on about all of the things that I LOVED about the race. There are a few issues that I think could easily be addressed for future races. - Some fruit at the end of the race (bananas would be great) - Even though I ran in the 10 AM wave, I ended up waiting at 4 obstacles (I ran into people from the previous 3 waves). You could put an express lane for people who are running for time in the CURRENT Wave...So a lane that says 9 AM wave participants, then CHANGES to say 9:20 AM participants, etc. as the beginning runners from that wave show-up...I know people say "sign up for the competitive wave if you don't want bottlenecks" but if we all sign up for the competitive wave the same thing is going to happen...having an express lane for people in current wave would be a much more practical & long-term solution. - There was no posted penalty for people who could not or did not complete an obstacle. I realize that not everyone will do them, but if they are there those of us with a competitive spirit will do them. I know there were people who ran in the competitive wave that did not complete all obstacles and did not do a penalty...this makes it really hard to gauge our time for other people who are trying to improve to run competitively - those little grates that were on the ground at the cow gates did cause quite a few people to get hurt...I personally saw them and stopped running and walked over them, but others were not as cautious and got injured (maybe a good spot for a warning sign or a few boards over the grates) - HEALTHY FOOD OPTIONS at the concessions...I realize some people love the burgers & beer, but many of us leave early because we will not eat the food...Some grilled free range chicken, organic fruit, etc.

Roger Smith Roger Smith
April 2013 Florida

Excellent everything. I am coming back for the next one. Especially loved the monkey bars. No one can love the ice bath, but you have to keep it.

Amanda Gallagher Amanda Gallagher
October 2012 Florida

2 race ever and it was very challenging for me, I thoroughly enjoyed it! It really helped me get over many fears I had in just a few obstacles. It is all very memorable and not sure which obstacle I like the most. I would encourage earlier waves to those who don't like to stand in lines. Can wait to go back this October!

Matt B. Davis Matt B. Davis
October 2012 Florida

Great event from top to bottom. I always say you can tell a lot about a race before you even get on the course. Parking was easy and handled by well trained volunteers. Same for registration. After being very impressed with those first two indicators and seeing a very well set up festival, food, sponsor area, I had very high expectations for the race itself. I was not let down. It was a 6.4 mile course, I love when I get a longer race than expected. It means I am getting more than I paid for, plus it means more running, which I enjoy. Yes, a lot of these obstacles are similar to Tough Mudder, but that does not bother me at all as enjoy them. They did take Tough Mudder's monkey bars and add a dimension no one has ever seen yet making it even more challenging. Clearly, the folks over at Savage are going give the big 3 a run for their money as the years go on as they know how to put on a great event. The one piece of feedback I would give Savage is to truly separate themselves from TM they should go a different angle with the obstacle names. The obstacles themselves are similar so do go with the same genre of names doesn't help their cause if you want to stand out. Again, great race from top to bottom. Loved the medal and shirts too.

Eduardo Gonzalez Eduardo Gonzalez
October 2012 Florida

This event was great. Definitely one of the top 3 races of the year. The natural obstacles were really good, but the man made obstacles were too easy (excluding monkey bars) and although more obstacles would have been better, the number of obstacles per length of run was acceptable. The course was well marked and there was a water station per mile which is perfect. The registration was quick and organized. The party area was great and the way the showers were setup was AWESOME. Unfortunately, the event reminded me too much of tough mudder Tampa. It almost seems like they are trying to copy them. Everything from registration to party to most obstacles. Be more original!

MattandSandra Lawson MattandSandra Lawson
October 2012 Florida

This Race was Awesome! It is my first Mud Run and I will definitely be back next year! Everything from arrival, through the race and when we left went smoothly. The obstacles were a blast too. Next time I will run the competitive heat though as I had to wait for a while in lines to do the balance beam and the half-pipe which was aggravating. But all that was my own fault for not having signed up for the competitive wave.

David Leslie David Leslie
October 2012 Florida

Not only was the course a total ass kicker, but the EVENT was great as well. Plenty of vendors, food, beer, porta-poties, place to get rinsed off and change, lines weren't too long... AWESOME!!! This was my second one and done WAY better this time. I am a savage race every-timer from now on.

Dennis Ward Dennis Ward
October 2012 Florida

This was my second Savage and, if possible, it was managed even better than the first. I ran at 9:20, and there was a short wait for exactly 2 obstacles, each less than 3 minutes. The first was an early obstacle (ice bath), so the pack hadn't thinned yet, and the second was Colossus (only 5 people start the obstacle at a time). So these were expected waits. I LOVED the thick, shoe sucking mud around mile 3. I would like to see more of that from a challenge perspective (though I'm sure others will disagree.) Colossus was amazing. I was worried when I heard rumors of the demise of the giant slide. But Colossus was even better. Check in was efficient, though I would have preferred if it was organized by last name, not Bib number (I forgot what mine was and had to have it looked up for me, which took all of 60 seconds) The only change I would make is possibly replacing the running through tires. Last year I injured my ankle pretty bad on those because they look so simple and I didn't use appropriate caution. At the time first aid indicated they had seen a number of those injuries. It's not much of a challenge, not especially fun, and has a relatively high potential for injury. Maybe some more shoe sucking mud instead?

Jason Sallee Jason Sallee
October 2012 Florida

sooooooo good. this was my third savage race so ive been with them from the beginning, ive been able to see this grow over the years and it just keeps getting better and better i can tell that they evenly spread their budget for the actual race and the rest of the event. i cant wait to see what they do next time. I want more obstacles!!!

James B. Loafman James B. Loafman
October 2012 Florida

Savage 2012 (October in Dade Fl) was my first mud run ever and I really enjoyed the entire experience. Perhaps there could be more challenging obstacles. Just running over a mud hills did little for me in the back segment of the run. The cargo net could have had a low, medium and super sized options. As it was it low and not so much a challange (could triple height). Something absolutely must be done to reduce and eliminate the long bottle necks. I waited 15 minutes at nut smasher and over 35 minutes at the end (Colossus). I was in line with people whose heat was an hour earlier than my start time. I also do not believe having to pay to spectate is a good business model. I would think that having a larger crowd would serve to boost attendances at subsequent races. Bigger bands and craft beers could also help engage the crowd (runners and friends alike). I will certainly be running another mud race, will shop around and read reviews before enlisting.

James B. Loafman James B. Loafman
October 2012 Florida

Savage 2012 (October in Dade Fl) was my first mud run ever and I really enjoyed the entire experience. Perhaps there could be more challenging obstacles. Just running over a mud hills did little for me in the back segment of the run. The cargo net could have had a low, medium and super sized options. As it was it low and not so much a challange (could triple height). Something absolutely must be done to reduce and eliminate the long bottle necks. I waited 15 minutes at nut smasher and over 35 minutes at the end (Colossus). I was in line with people whose heat was an hour earlier than my start time. I also do not believe having to pay to spectate is a good business model. I would think that having a larger crowd would serve to boost attendances at subsequent races. Bigger bands and craft beers could also help engage the crowd (runners and friends alike). I will certainly be running another mud race, will shop around and read reviews before enlisting.

Linda Anders Linda Anders
October 2012 Florida

This was my first Savage Race and I thought it was well done! I did the first wave and had very little bottlenecks like the later waves. I liked the obstacles and thought they were challenging by the way they were layed out. It was a very organized event and I will definetly do the next one. great Job!!!

Gerry Suarez Jr Gerry Suarez Jr
October 2012 Florida

Once again the bar which other local mud runs will be measured against! Great job folks. I see many people posting about the long wait times- if you want to avoid a wait, then sign up for the competitive wave. I ran competitive and you managed the obstacles very well to avoid wait times- in spite of the ice bath being 2nd. My only complaint would be that there was more running than either of the two previous Savage Races, but I need that to motivate me to improve my run. Thanks for a great time and a job well done. Look forward to 2013!

Taryn Baacke Taryn Baacke
October 2012 Florida

This was my first Savage Race and it was incredible! There were expected waits at nutt-smasher and the wall to get up to Colossus. But it didn't really detract from the experience. The run and peat-hills back around mile three got long and tiring. And there really should have been a water station back there somewhere. I dislocated my finger on the 8ft wall and then re-dislocated it on the cargo net. Medical was awesome after finishing the race, getting it set and splinted. The cargo net maybe needed to bell taller and set at an angle, so it would have separate nets for the ascent and descent? Too many people were getting stepped on and there wasnt enough room to have a lot of people on the nets at once. Other than that, the course was awesome and a challenge for a newbie runner/mud-runner like myself!

Jerrod Hirons Jerrod Hirons
October 2012 Florida

This was my first race ever but you guy have me hooked I loved it. It was a awesome race. A must do at least one time. If you did it one time I bet you will go back.

Jim True Jim True
October 2012 Florida

This was my second Savage Race and my 3rd Mud Run overall. I loved the change of venue to Dade City. That ranch is amazingly huge and just a really great setting. I would agree with the fellow below who mentioned that the manmade obstacles were not as tough as last year (with the exception of the evil monkeybars and the quarterpipe/colossus). There were a LOT more walls to climb in series last year and tons more over and unders. There were NOT water stations at every mile. The "back 40' which I've decided to peg the grueling mud, hard pack and dirt pile running was a full 2 miles without a water tent and it was all running. I think you folks did really well with your budget; thank you for giving us proper cleanup facilities and changing tents. Paying for bag check and spectators seems a little extreme since the price of registration increased this year as well. Please also try to get some partnerships with local grocery stores (like Publix, Sweet Bay, etc) and get us some free bananas, orange slices, and fruit after the race and at halfway stops (or at least after that long run). You also got rid of the fruit option at the food tent, replacing it with a fruit smoothie. I would've preferred the fruit. Thanks again for an amazing and challenging race.

Kathleen Cole Knightly Kathleen Cole Knightly
October 2012 Florida

Savage Race is the best mud/obstacle course out there~ this was my third savage, and it gets better and better each time..obstacles are not your little average flimsy ones... they are challenging and scattered throughout...plenty to push through. definately not lacking..excellent variety..not just hay bales and tunnels to leap over/through.... I have no problem paying a little bit of a higher price because it is worth the quality you're getting. Savage has never disappointed and I have not one time heard a negative about this race. I also love that mileage was added...sets it apart from the other 5k races. A must do if you are looking to do a race in 2013...march cant come fast enough for some more S.I.E (sweat induced euphoria) for this girl!!

Allan Ajoy Allan Ajoy
October 2012 Florida

SAVAGE RACE is one of the best obstacles out there!! *very organized *started on time *lots of volunteers *lots of water *very well designed and strong obstacles *nice medals *nice beer trophies *tons of pictures after the event *good food *nice band *I brought 4 friends that never done a obstacle race and they LOVED IT!!! ****Here it comes the ugly...I run the first the competitive wave..there are no penalties for the ones that don't complete the obstacle or cheat....NOT FAIR I placed 10th overall but i saw around 3 people that didn't complete the obstacles and i think that was not fair specially for the ones who like to compete and take these races very serious...other than GREAT RACE!

Gary Harrison Gary Harrison
October 2012 Florida

This was a great run. The check in was very organized and quick. The obstacles were very well built and challenging. Those monkey bars and the warped wall were difficult. Although the obstacles were challenging, there could have been a few more. There were a few stints along the 6 miles where it was a long distance between obstacles and seemed more like a trail run. The after party was good and well staffed. One drawback was having to purchase tickets to use for purchasing food and beverage. I understand why they do it but it is a burden to the consumer You always seem to have tickets left over (that you cannot get a refund for), so I alway end up giving them to other patrons when I am heading out. The live entertainment was very good. Over all this was a well put on event and look forward to doing again in the future.

Chris Hampton Chris Hampton
October 2012 Florida

LOVE THESE RACES!! the 3rd one could have used a couple more obstacles but still a great race!!

Old Reviews
David Perry
03/22/2012 04:00 AM

Having Spartan Races I must say that the obstacles were fantastic, great course and had lots of fun. I was in the competitive heat finishing 12th but watched as some in front of me fell of obstacles and continued on. Not sure what the rule was but a Spartan Race you fail the obstacle you owe 30 burpees and they have workers at each obstacle to enforce it. It would be nice if you guys did that for at least the competitive heat. Only other disappointment was the medals, I felt for the price they could have been a little nicer. I will definately do this race again next year and hope for some small improvements to make it an even better experience.

Layne Pachico
03/21/2012 05:19 PM

So I didnt run this race... in fact I knew nothing about what it was or anything - my cousin randomly was like "Dude put on some pants and come to this thing with me". She didnt even explain what it was, I thought it was a mudding event with people tearing up their vehicles in a mudpit, and wasnt thrilled about going - but put on some pants and went nonetheless. Man, what an amazing time! I wished so bad I was able to race, but it looked so friggen cool, I am determined to keep track of these events now and do the next one that is anywhere near me. Wicked awesome obstacle course, it was pretty hardcore, loved it. Excited to do one in the future!

03/20/2012 01:16 AM

This race was very well organized and was quite challenging I would highly recommend it to any mud runners great job and Im looking forward to next year!

Bobbie Daniels
03/14/2012 12:14 AM

Loved this race! We participated in Rugged Maniac a few weeks ago and it was pretty tame compared to this course and the obstacles. The only suggestions I would make? Bigger area for bag check, and a little more organization for some of the obstacles; meaning, no teenage girls rolling their eyes while you are waiting and waiting to take on an obstacle (e.g - the girls at Davey Jones). Other than that? Do not change a thing! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!

03/13/2012 06:13 PM

once again the savage race hasnt upset me!!!!!! best race of the year so far!!! cant wait for the next. great job going out to sam and the entier savage crew

03/13/2012 01:05 PM

The race was awesome, Ive done about 3 or 4 mud races including Warrior Dash and Highlander and I would have to say by far this was the best terrain Ive ever ran on. The obstacles were great especially the hay stack tower and the ice bath! Running with good scenery was something Ive never really encountered before either. Negatives would be that you guys werent very organized and that started with parking, I wasnt too happy giving you my money for what it was. Also your gear check in/pick up was a nightmare, would have loved to seen more than just tossing bags on top of each other and stepping on them to return them to their owners. Then of course there were the teenage girls in charge of running the obstacles and that was a disaster (even though I realize they are volunteers), waiting 15+ minutes for Davey Jones locker was not good even with not being in the competitive heat. May want to work on that. All in all though a solid race and I look forward to your next one in Florida!

Ken Rubin
03/13/2012 09:41 AM

1st time out for me and a small team of 4 people (2 men/2 women). None of us had done an Obstacle Event before and trained for less than a month, but managed to compete relatively well and really enjoyed it. It was well organized and run and we are looking forward to the next one. Go Team Alpha Dogs - Woof, Woof!

Elizabeth Fair
03/13/2012 03:55 AM

this was my first obstacle race and it was the most fun Ive ever had in the mud!! i am hooked, cant wait for the next one!!! all the obstacles were awesome - really challenging for me since its my first one but I loved all of them....even the ice bath.....WOW!!!

03/13/2012 01:56 AM

My first mud race and not my last! Thought everything for the most part was awesome. I might have liked a monkey bar obstacle that was less challenging to try....may sound wimpy to ask for it but I think some of us might have been able to make it across a flat stretch and wouldnt have felt like a slacker for not doing it....the ice plunge was awful (in a good way)....the rope wall after it seemed too easy and I generally do not have good upper body strength. Loved the tunnels - creepy in a fantastic way. Conquered the jump into the lake even though I can barely doggy paddle and generally hate having my head under wait lines were ridiculous by the time hubby went to get some. Would have loved it if your temp tattoos were at least twice as big...mine looked more like a bruise on my arm than a Savage Race logo...medal seemed rather wimpy for the amount of money paid to register when compared to other events like the Ragnar Relay or any of the Half or Full Marathons we have done...overall though Two Big Thumbs Up!!!!!

03/13/2012 01:43 AM

The event was awesome. Great obstacles that were both fun and challenging. Ive done 13 adventure races and Savage is definitely my favorite.

03/12/2012 04:16 PM

I made it through the Savage Race but my buddy had a heart attack right before the ice dive. Luckily thats where all the paramedics were hanging. They had to defibrilate him and rush him to the hospital. Thats savage! Beyond the race, I think the parking was really unorganized. My family came out to see me but was stuck in traffic and parking for 3 hours. A variety of food options would have been nice too. Besides that, incredible day, incredible race.

03/12/2012 03:58 PM

Awesome race, first one for me and Ill be back for the next one. Loved all the obstacles and challenges it brought.

03/12/2012 02:03 PM

This was my first Savage Race. I was not expecting it to be as mentally challenging as it was. The course length was perfect as was the distance between obstacles. I was a sissy and ran around the ice water. The only thing I would change is the music at the finish line was crude, filled with the f-bomb and completely inappropriate for all the children around. (The live band by the start was great however.)

Thomas Harrelson
03/12/2012 01:06 PM

I ran this race last year and obviously I came back because I enjoyed it. This year, however, it was twice as good. They incorporated awesome new obstacles that were challenging and fun. The check in was smooth and easy and the volunteers were helpful and nice. The post race party was fun and having the lake to wash off in was a bonus. My only complaint was waiting for a couple of obstacles. Next year I am going to sign up for the competitive wave. Great job Savage Race! I will be back!

gilbert bonilla
03/12/2012 05:10 AM

The race was a hit. This is my second time around. This time I almost had a team! The race had a different feel this year. The obstacles where split up evenly throughout the race so it doesnt feel like your just running all the time. Everyone at the race from the staff to the directors were on point and the event went on without a hitch as far as I could tell. Whoever thought up the Ice bath was related to the devil Im sure. Just kidding. I can not think of one thing I would add or take away from this event. As far as the entertainment and concessions are concerned. The Music was great, the freebies were a hit and I am sure the food would have been good too if they had not sold out 90% of the menu by about 2-3 pm. That BBQ did not last. all in all a great event and I will be a return customer for many years. Sam Abbit and crew can only get better and better at throwing these events.

Ernest Moyer
03/12/2012 01:34 AM

My second mud race of the year and you didnt disappoint. This was the race that kicked my ass!Thanks for war wounds! A special thanks to Scott Pancakes for the ride from the overflow lot - need to improve parking for next year. Got there at 10:00 A.M. and missed my 11:00A.M. wave. Thankfully the obstacles made up for late start time. Team Down and Dirty

Kim powell
03/11/2012 09:58 PM

This was my 1st Savage race! It was awesome!! I loved it. Wow, every muscle in body is sore today but well worth it!! The line at the Davey Jones locker was crazy!! I waited for 10 mins. and probably had 20-30 more to wait. I by-passed that one. Kills your time. So a little work on that one but overall Great! The ICE bath was by far the worse one!! The second tub was more full of ice...I literally could not breathe! Gotta love it!

Raychelle Albines
03/11/2012 09:09 PM

It was amazing! The lines to wait for the obstacles were ridiculous. I had to skip people who were just holding up the line just to get on the obstacle and get going. I was trying to keep good timing but those lines were really making it hard to do so. I love how it was kid friendly but not when your kid is on the track and youre trying to avoid running them over. Im all about volunteer work but those kids really were not properly trained. One kid gave me someone elses bib number without looking at my name. Other than that.. I love how the obstacles were back to back and the Ice bath... That was no joke. I had to wait to get some sort feeling back on my legs to even get down from that obstacle and after I did, I had to think about how to walk and look down to make sure I was walking! Savage Race was better than last year!

03/11/2012 08:46 PM

amazing job changing it up from last year...lots of fun..the two lines(mach7, davey jones locker)need some attention..bag check needs more space to spread out(was too small to be organized)..cannot wait to see what next year will bring...thanks for a great time

Tracey Tippin
03/11/2012 08:22 PM

When I got home I had mud, sticks, mulch, sand you name it in every crevice. By far one of the most fun and outrageous things Ive ever done. Most challenging obstacle the ice pit, 2nd best the blacked out tunnels. Looking forward to next year, my daughter loved watching, at age 6 she wants to do one too. Maybe a kid zone next year, where the kids can play in some mud.

03/11/2012 07:10 PM

Went to the 2012, Clermont location for Savage Race and had a fricken blast! Obstacles were a lot of fun and challenging. Everything from the swim, slide, tunnels, jump, mud crawls, hay climbs and the damn ice plunge which made me hate life at that very moment in time. I wanted to cry. In fact, some grown ass men where on the verge of crying! lol SAVAGE!!!!!

Mike Brody
03/11/2012 01:24 PM

This is only my 4th event, but I must say my favorite. From the minute I got there everything was AWESOME!! Parking was easy and close. Check-in was great, even though I was number 4104 and the listings they had on the tents only went up to 3100 they were able to quickly find my packet and send me on my way. I was able to complete every obstacle though they were very challenging. The Ice bath was for me the most challenging although colon blow 5000 was tough. Getting out of the ice and trying to sprint to the next obstacle was nearly impossible. Overall I HAD A BLAST WITH ALL YOU GREAT PEOPLE FROM MUDRUNFUN!! Thanks Mike.

Amy MacCoy
03/11/2012 11:52 AM

This was my first mud obsticle race, but I have attended others!!! Parking was great IF you got there early!! Check in was fast and easy!! It was nice for my family to be able to get to a few of the obsticles to take pictures!!! The obsticles were all great, with the exception of the got a rip after a few hours, but they fixed it fast:). The wait for the slide and the lake were both close to 20 minutes. Kinda lost our momentum:( But Savage will make this right for the next race!!!:) because the event grew in size this year maybe a few more food vendors for next time!! There were tons of bathrooms!! Yaaay:) thank you!!! Everything was orderly and on time...great race!! We will Definatley do it again next year!!! Thank you Savage for putting on an awesome event!!!

nicole brown
03/11/2012 04:04 AM

it was awesome! our 1st one! will be doing it again...very kid friendly too!! my kids had a blast hanging! the ice was NO JOKE..but I did it! :) parking was insane BUT I know you guys will fix next year...and I will be there!

03/11/2012 03:46 AM

Wow is all I can say. Savage Race stepped up their game from last year and last year was really good! 4.7 miles of intense obstacles and terrain. There were however lots of backups and waiting, but that didnt bother me so much since I ran this one sick and it gave me a chance to catch my breath. lol. Great new obstacles I loved...the mud hole where we had to duck under boards early in the race and get muddy. The high jump into water, the balance beams over the muddy water pit w/ people throwing water balloons at us and just the overall atmosphere! The toughest obstacles were the black tunnels that were uphill....those were a doozie on my knees and the Ice Bath....Holy CRAP, that was insane! I have never experienced anything like that. My entire body went into shock after going under where I couldnt even speak. Took me about few minutes after getting out before I could jog and climb the next obstacle. Thing I didnt care for...all the mulch in the final mud pit...that was annoying....they didnt have that in there last year. ~BatGirl

Pete Williams
03/05/2012 04:55 PM

Big fan of Savage Race. Did it last year and looking forward to Saturday. Heres a link to a longer review I did in August.

Stefanie Magee Magnuson
02/26/2012 04:29 AM

Savage race was my 4th mud race I ran out of 7 I have done so far. And so far it is still by far my favorite! It was their very first event and for that they far surpassed expectations. Check-in was backed up pretty bad. But other than that they did a jam up job. SUPER nice and helpful staff/volunteers. The hurricane put a damper on things, which stunk for everyone...runners/vendors/festivities/awards/games/band/equipment...well you get my drift! The actual race was TOUGH. I was expecting a 5k and it ended up actually being I think a little over 4 miles. It was SCORCHING hot out, but the watering stations were plentiful. The swim also helped! I didnt like that people could opt out of the swim and do burpees with a 5 minute penalty. As I think they still finished faster. (And I think cheated, not enough people to count them). Schwag was the best yet as well. High quality shirt, medal, static sticker, hand towel, koozies and lots of other vendor handouts. CANNOT wait for the next one!

Michael Deater
01/17/2012 01:12 PM

the savage was an awesome event!! when i ran the one in 2011 i ran in the latest wave and as the ones that ran the race would know it poured down rain on us as we were finishing. with the rain came the lake closure which added the burpee penelty to the ones that wanted to swim. i have already expressed this with the savage team and that is why they have a competative wave now. this race was a great experience for me and i would recommened anyone running in mud runs to run this one it is a fantastic time.

01/16/2012 07:07 PM

Savage race was my very first mud run. I had been wanting to do one for a while and finally found a group of people willing to take the challenge with me. It was an absolute BLAST! I have never had so much fun working out near less RUNNING. I normally HATE running with a passion, but this was something entirely different. It inspired me to work out. Savage Race however did spoil me for other races though because it was definitely the best and most challenging. I highly recommend! ~BatGirl ~

12/31/2011 03:06 PM

I did not get to run the first race that Savage put on, but I did go to the even to watch my husband run. By the time my husband got to the finish line, the little mini hurricane came through and forced everyone to seek cover for anything willing to provide shelter. Regardless, I had fun. I have heard a lot of good reviews from other mud runners off Facebook about Savage and they all had positive things to say. This year, I plan to run the Savage.

12/23/2011 07:13 PM

Savage race started with some decent heat outside. Had me a little worried due to the costume I was wearing. Race over all was excellent. The slide definitly needs some work though! Great idea but could not handle the traffic. I really enjoyed the Swim! The life guard support was great as well. I did see a couple people that had to be pulled back out. Not to many photos were captured do to a crazy storm that came out of no where! Tropical Storm Savage! I give this Race 5 out of 5! Just hope to get to enjoy some beers next time around!!

Peter Leitch
12/22/2011 03:04 AM

Savage Race was my first "Mud Run" and I have yet to find one that has been its better. I have only good things to say about this race! The Obstacles were tough. You have to really keep pushing yourself to keep a good pace. The 92" or "8 foot wall" was a surprise. The Average "Savage" couldnt best such an obstacle without help nor could I. The Swim was needed to fight over heating and it was refreshing. The Fire was [Seriously lacking] I would rather have a actual fire wall rather then a few burning starter logs but...who am I to say such things. The Race toughness is 8.9 out of 10 The Organization was acceptable tho overwhelmed. The restroom facilitys was better then more 5k Ive seen. Over all this was a GREAT race, I highly recommend it. I have gone to great lengths to try and bring as many as my friends as I could to join in on the fun. The Medal was the best Ive gotten so far, the shirt is very good quality [Spirit + 10] Purple Drop. Also got a free small towel and a few free drinks from booths. Free Post race Showers as well. Win Win, awesome event. 5 out of 5 Baron Approved! Sincerely, The Baron!