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Tarzans Cup Reviews

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Tracy Friezer Fives Tracy Friezer Fives
April 2013 Florida

I was hopeful for the Jungle Cup since I saw some fairly positive Georgia reviews but overall was disappointed. Signage, both in getting to race and the the trail markers was extremely poor. I raced with four friends and everyone got lost somewhere along the way. The Viginia Key location was great and the bike trails were techincal and a lot of fun to run. I had reviewed the course map provided on the website several times and MANY of the obstacles were not present at this event. That was very disappointing. Also didn't like having to run up the road with the cars at the end as part of the course. The last 200 ft obstacle of swings, walls and rope traverses was a lot of fun, which made up for the lack of obstacles at all.

Jeremy Board Jeremy Board
March 2013 Maryland

I had high hopes for the Jungle Cup and was fooled by their excellent advertising. I have to give them props for the advertising and the creation of Ninja Challenge-which wasnt seen/and a night wave There was also no such thing as a party. The trip for me was a little bit off the path but got lost because of poor signage to the venue. Later talking to the photographer found out he had an issue and they were aware of it but just put the signature sign out with no arrow. Parking was supposed to be $10 but funny enough no one was taking money and there was only about 6 cars in the parking lot. The staff of five or so were friendly. There were a few people staged at the first or second obstacle but after that nothing. There should be staff there in case of falls or injuries and there was none. Supposedly there was a guy on a atv but only seen him at the start. The course itself was like hunting for clues for the signs of where to go. Speaking of going prob a good thing facilities were small and spare at the event since the small crowd. I got a groupon for this race and the ad mentioned shooting bows, paintball and a party which I found none of those. I was excited for the opportunity to do something different in an OCR but that didnt happen. The map for the race shows a spear throw, paintball gun and fire pit-none present on the race. As an avid OCR racer I was shocked that this series has been able to stick around and believe they need to add some things to their game, including dont put it on your map and signs. Promising things and not delivering makes its difficult to come back. Call me spoiled but no shirt either, medal that has the old name Tarzan Cup on it but ribbon that says Jungle Cup. I hope them the best but probably wont be partaking in this practice OCR again. Many folks I talked to at the event were unsatisfied also.

Paige Young Paige Young
December 2012 Georgia

I had a great time at the Jungle Cup! The best and most challenging part was running throught the river. It was a blast! The staff at the Atlanta event were very friendly and helpful. I will do this event again in the future.

Valerie Hinsley Valerie Hinsley
December 2012 Georgia

Overall this was a pretty decent race. based upon the previous reviews I was a little concerned going into it. I LOVED the obstacles but I do wish there had been a few more spread through out the race! My heat was small luckily or else I would have waited in some long lines. Seems they have gotten a lot of the kinks worked out and are learning. If it comes around next year, I will do it again!

Matt B. Davis Matt B. Davis
November 2012 Georgia

Course gets a solid C. Organization gets worse marks. Don't call yourself the "Toughest 5k of your life" then come out with 10 obstacles. My full review here:

Christian Griffith Christian Griffith
April 2012 Florida

Atlanta was fun. I'm so happy to get to do these races, I could care less about little snafus of some missing obstacles, and whether or not I got cool swag. The Atlanta race had great, technical trail, some really cool obstacles, and entertaining volunteers. Some obstacles were lame, but some were really good, and I finished spent and fulfilled. Good job Jungle Cup. Thanks for making a cool place for me to play.

Nicole D'Aiguillon Nicole D'Aiguillon
April 2012 Florida

This race rightfully has the most negative reviews. DOES ANYONE REALIZE they CHANGED THEIR NAME to *** THE JUNGLE CUP ***?? To probably try to shake and HIDE from their bad reputation? I hope people don't fall for that. I have heard even worse things from other participants, everyone was told to jump into a water area that had sharp boulders and got huge cuts and gashes, NO MEDICS at race, under delivered on most ALL obstacles promised. Only 2 Porto potties people were actually having to go #2 in the woods!! That's insane! Also that the Owners were nasty to people and had bad attitude to participants. Blagh!!! ** DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE JUNGLE CUP RACE! IT'S THE SAME RACE AS TARZANS CUP! **SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DO ANOTHER RACE THAT'S WORTH IT!! **They even got my other review removed on another review site...THEY ARE RIGGING their new name & other sites to fool you!!

Old Reviews
Joe Jacobson
04/14/2012 09:50 PM

As someone who has done warrior dash tough mudder spartan races ruckus runs ect I have seen a lot of different styles and formats but this race was a joke. I dont care about a shirt at the end what upset me is the race advertised many obsticales that were not present. There was zero mud, only two rope obsticales no swimming. The only difference in my before and after pictures was the medal around the neck you couldnt tell i ran at all. Many of the obsticales were shut down for safety and the ones that werent prob should have been. Over all it seems like they put zero effort into the obsticales and this obsticale race would be better defined as a trail run. Very dissapointed at what I got compared to what I was sold.

Lauren C
01/17/2012 06:45 PM

This being my first obstacle race, I can at least say that I had fun. But I have to agree with other reviewers about the lack of organization, port-a-potties, promised obstacles, and safety. Ive done A LOT of other races (running, adventure races, triathlons) and you could just tell that the main motivation for the event was to make quick, easy cash and not make happy, repeat customers. I should also disclose that I got a discounted rate at $40 through livingsocial, but even for that price I expected a t-shirt (personally, I would be happier if races stopped giving out shwag and dropped prices to $20-30). The sad thing is that there seems an endless supply of people willing to throw money at these races, and so those that go away disappointed will simply be replaced by new blood. But perhaps someone will read this blog and think twice about wasting their cash.

Brian B
01/17/2012 03:10 PM

I have participated in Spartan Race, Merrel Mud Run, Columbia Muddy Buddy, and Warrior Dash. Basically all the major obstacle races apart from Tough Mudder. That being said, I think this was the worst organized race ever. $70 for an event with 2 port a potties, no free t-shirt, no beer/post-race drink, no EMTs/first-aid people, broken obstacles, a few poorly thought out ones (sharp boulders in the murky water you had to traverse), late starts, 1 line for registration. I could go on. The one good thing about this race was the plentiful water provided by 82Go at 2 points along the race + finish line. Never again would I run this race or give these people my money.

Matt Herzberger
01/17/2012 02:48 PM

If I could do zero stars I would. This race was so horribly organized. This costs more than most all the other obsticle races I have ever done. There were no prep emails that you usually get from a race. There was no-waiver to sign which seem really weird. There was one person at the signup table which at times had a 300 yard long line. There was no-free shirt. I about died when she said I had to pay. Then I had to go to the rest room. There were only 2 porto potties which had no toilet paper or way to wash your hands. The race started 30 mins late which pushed back every wave. There were no course monitors. I cut my hand pretty bad and the broken bridge thing under the pedestrian bridge. I jumped and didnt know there was a huge boulder where I handed, it shredded my hand. had I jumped just a bit further i could have really hurt myself. would have been nice to have course monitors to let people know about that issue. Also there was no medical or first aid. I tried to find it after the race and they had a first aid kit that was picked through and no one to help you at all. IN the end you can tell these people were simply in it for the $$ and could care less about people experience or their safety. I will never run that race again.

Aja C.
01/17/2012 02:27 PM

This race deserves no stars! This was the worst race I have ever been to. Mud runs aside, I have never been to any race (5ks, 10ks, or halfs) that were this disorganized. We arrived at 8:30 for our 9:30 wave, stood in the check in line for at least 45 minutes bc there was only one person checking us in, and the porta pottys had NO TOILET paper and were disgusting!!! I was completely irritated with this race and the disorganization. WTF did I pay $60 for???? DO NOT DO THIS RACE!

Lisa B
01/16/2012 01:36 PM

I rate this zero stars! This was the most poorly organized mud/obstacle run I have EVER been too. 2 people checking in at registration- at least 45 min to an hour wait? No notification of the kids event being canceled- Several broken obstacles by the 11:00 wave- two broke in front of me leading to injuries. No medics on site to assist these people - not even a first aid tent. No bag check - what are you supposed to do with your keys??? (did see a locksmith in the parking lot helping out someone). I paid over $60.00 and left with a cheap dog tag??? No t-shirt? No medal? Cheaply done- but I am sure they walked away with a lot of money. If you love these races like I do- avoid this one.

Marisol Garcia
01/16/2012 12:59 AM

I thought it was great. I had a great time. This time they had the volunteers well organized. There was only one obstacle down (first time ever any of their obstacles was out of commission). This one had one of the most difficult obstacles Ive ever encountered which I think made up for the easier terrain, as compared to their other races which was in a different park so in all previous races the trails were way harder. Keep on improving Tarzans cup, its only getting better with each race I do.

01/15/2012 11:52 PM

Tarzan sucked! I will never return to that race! They didnt have MOST of the obstacles they advertised, some were broken so we couldnt even do them, and there was NO medic on site. A guy fell off an obstacle right in front of me and obviously needed medical attention and did not get it! VERY poorly organized and to only recieve a sorry excuse for a dog tag!?!? Not even a tshirt after the $60 I spent?!! Never again!!!

01/15/2012 11:46 PM

I wish I could give a half star cause one star is way to much. Stood in line for registration for almost an hour, no event T-shirt, wave started 30 min late, most of the obstacles they said they would have were not there, way to much running without doing any obstacles; unless you call running over mulch an obstacle; then at the end of the race you get a joke of a dog tag that doesnt even say Tarzan cup on it. Lmao . This is there 6th race I think they do and I have done 4 of them all with the same results. Needless to say it was my last one. Word of advise ... DO NOT WASTE YOU MONEY ON THIS RACE. IF YOU GET TO GO FOR FREE IT IS STILL A RIP OFF!

Stephanie N
01/15/2012 11:40 PM

Was horribly unorganized. And got a sorry excuse for a dog tag at finish line. Tons of obstacles were down. Cant believe I wasted that much money on a team for 8 obstacles. No after party or anything. Extremely disappointing!!!