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Nicholas Fields Nicholas Fields
November 2012 Florida

went to sunday's event. my oldest son and i ran while my wife, other kids, and family hung out and supported us. it was our first run. registration was super quick, waves left on time. course was difficult, yet fun, it was great hearing the mudrunfun yells all over the course. definitely looking forward to doing this one again.

Nikki Kimmel Nikki Kimmel
November 2012 Florida

Did not have a great experience. We signed up for a wave around noonish on the second day (Sunday) there were maybe 20 people in our wave and there was a ton of running and not very many obstacles. After looking at pictures of the prior day, I noticed there were many obstacles that they didn’t have during our wave. It did teach me that if it is a 2 day race, to always sign up on the first day. For the price I feel we shouldn’t have been shorted though. With so many other races out there now, I won’t be doing it again.

Danielle Laplaca Danielle Laplaca
November 2012 Florida

Best mud run EVER! Where to start?! First off sign up was fast and easy! VERY well organized! :D Also all the kids had an awesome time on the slide & the mud pit! The track was ADMAZING, the obsticles were great and on top of that there were prizes given out, free gas cards i mean who doesnt love that ?! Over all i really enjoyed it! I had an admazing time there! & i can't wait for the next one to come! SIGN ME UP NOW !! :D

Jimmy Daniels Jimmy Daniels
November 2012 Florida

Baddest Muddrun was a good event. Check in was super easy and quick (we ran on Sunday). I understand the event coordinators had to resolve some issues with some obstacles due to county ordinances. The terrain at this event was used very well and was some of the toughest natural terrain in this type of event. One of the quotes by one of the other races was, “you had to dig with every step”. Obstacles were not very challenging, but they made good use of what they had to use; lots of gates to climb and slow you down. The down side was their card advertised several obstacles that were not on the course. The slide was a blow up inflatable rental which caused a huge bottle neck. We didn’t try any of the food since we had to drive five hours.

Faith Kollen Faith Kollen
November 2012 Florida

the race was a great time, there was a lot of support along the course and plenty of water stations. It could have been 'muddier'....unfortunately the water slide at the end washed away what little mud we still had left on us. the event was organized, easy to check in, park, etc. the chip timers were off since i crossed the finish line along with my team and they timed in at 1:07, and my time was 1:40....and i know i hit that pad at the end....overall, good experience.

Eduardo Gonzalez Eduardo Gonzalez
November 2012 Florida

It was a good First event for this company. The terrain was extremely hard to run on which made the course challenging, and although the man made obstacles were not the best, the use of the creek and other natural obstacles was great.

Erin Bradshaw Settevendemio Erin Bradshaw Settevendemio
November 2012 Florida

Loved it! The course was difficult but not undo-able; I really appreciated being able to do all the obstacles and not having to go around any. Wish the mud was less clay-y and more thick, but you can't really help that! Great job, AWESOME organization! So glad we didn't have to wait in line for hours for our packet pick up. If we are still in FL next year, we will be back!

Drew Bruder Drew Bruder
November 2012 Florida

A really good and well organized run. Thanks so much. Hope you do it again soon!

Jim Berhalter Jim Berhalter
November 2012 Florida

We ran this on the 2nd day, a Sunday, so there weren’t as many people, but it was still a great course. Loved all the mud!! Lots of natural obstacles as well, like a winding creek to run through, fallen trees to jump over and some natural hole to climb out of. Registration was fast and pretty well organized. I hope they do it again next year!

Bobbie Daniels Bobbie Daniels
November 2012 Florida

Was happily surprised by this race. Registration was easy, start and finish lines were easily identified, and the course was well marked. Good use of the terrain - probably some of the better natural obstacles we have seen. Cold water at one of the water stations was a big bonus! This race deserved more participants and I appreciate them having made changes and bringing in mudrunfun prior to race day to help make sure the course was one everyone could enjoy. Good job Baddest Mud Run!

Matt Harper Matt Harper
November 2012 Florida

This was my first mud race. I had a blast! The course was great. The obstacles seemed a little easy for me but since my wife and I ran together it was perfect. I will go back next year.

Rita Young Rita Young
November 2012 Florida

Very family friendly. I liked that the kids had things to do too! Lots and lots of running and not as many obstacles. I prefer more of a challenge with harder obstacles. Very enjoyable though.

Chris Hampton Chris Hampton
November 2012 Florida

Very well organized!! Excellent course for a first time Mud Runner but not as challenging as it could have been. I will definitely be going back though :)